How to change time and date in Lightroom

1. The Problem:

It's a pitty if you recognize after a travel that you had forgotten to change the time zone at your camera. This happens to me often. Fortunately there is a easy way in Lightroom to fix it. This step-by-step guide shows you how to do it:

2. Edit Capture Time...

Select in the Metadata menue "Edit Capture Time..."

3. Change the date/time

Now you have 3 choices:

  • Adjust to a specified date and time
    You can freely set a new date and/or new time.This is sensful if your camera had a completely wrong date or time for example after resetting the camera settings.

  • Shift by a set number of hours
    My most used feature to set the correct time zone. Unfortunately it is showing only full hours. India has for example UTC+5.5h and can not be set correctly via this option. You have to set it then with the first option "Adjust to a specified date and time"

  • Change to file's creation time
    This is if you have changed your time wrongly and want to reset it to the camera time.

On this screen shot I set the time to Pacific Standard Time (-8h) instead of my local time (CET):

After selecting the right time zone click on the "Change"-button to execute the action.

4. Result

After the execution of the action your meta data should have been changed like this: