How to find missing photos/folders in Lightroom CC

Find missing photos

Sometimes Lightroom can't find the photos within your library. This is the case if you are moving your photos within the (Mac) finder or (Windows) explorer.
Such movements should be better done within Lightroom, which manages both:
Folder structure and database.

If the link stored by Lightroom breaks, it's indicate by a "!" in the grid.  
This how-to-guide explains how to fix this issue step by step.

1. Find all missing photos in your catalog (optional)

If you want to make sure, that all library photos are found by lightroom, you should search for them.
go to the Library module
select "Find All Missing Photos" in the Library menue:

optional you can check "find nearby missing photos, to fix the other missing photos, too.

2. "Missing Photos" catalog (optional)

select the newly created catalog "Missing Photos" and you will see all your missing photos in the grid layout:

3. Show Lightroom the right location

click on the "!"-sign on one of your missing photos and click on locate in the following pop-up:

a new popup will apprear, where you can specify the correct file location of the missing photo:

optional you can check "find nearby missing photos, to fix the other missing photos, too.

4. recheck ( optional )

Only photos of the same folder will be assigned with the option "Find nearby missing photos". Do a recheck with "Find All Missing Photos" in the Library menue (see step 1) and follow the described procedure until you have located all photos. The number of missing photos will decrease iteratively.

Find missing folders

Sometimes whole folders are not found by Lightroomm when you have a look within the library module into the folders section:

To fix it just right-klick on the missing folder and select "find missing folder"

All photos of this folder will be correctly reassigned to Lightroom. Repeat it for the other missing folders.