How to add GPS data to Lightroom

The Problem:

Lightroom offers the map-module. It shows where you have shot your photos. You have nothing to do here in the case your camera has a GPS device already built in. But most cameras are not having this feature. I am showing here how to assign GPS data collected by an external device like e.g. your smart phone.


You need an external device which collects the GPS data. I use my iPhone for this. There are several other devices on the market, which are made especially for this purpose, but my experience is: the are costing money and are at home, when you need it. I use a free app called „GPX Master“:


It’s an easy to use app. The data are stored offline at the phone and you can create a connection to your dropbox. It’s important that your camera and your phone are having the same time. I do a photo of the phone after starting the logging to avoid any trouble later:

Another possibility to ensure the synchronisation is to do a photo at place, which you can easily locate on Lightroom’s map.

The Photo Tour

Let the GPS logger (in my case GPX Master) running during the photo tour. At the end you stoppi the logging and upload the data to dropbox.

Import GPS data to Lightroom

Import your photos to Lightroom, mark them and go into the Map module and load the track lock:

If you are using GPX Master you can find the log files at GPXMaster-Logs:

The result will look like this:

Assign your photos to the track log

Mark all your photos you want to assign to this track log and use the „Auto-Tag Photos“ function:

or use the track icon in the toolbar of the map module:

After a few seconds Lighroom has assigned according the time you have taken the photos to the map. It looks like this:

Possible issues:

This is not working accurate, if the camera and the smart phone have not synchronised time and date. is not synchron Two possible solutions:

  1. The first solution is, to take the photo of the smartphone you have taken at the beginning and change the date and time according my „How to change time and date in Lightroom“.
  2. Drag and drop your first photo to the place where you have taken it

Lightroom will ask if the change should be done for the other photos, too: