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Im Hof Near Cologne Cathedral in the center of the city are many hidden places. You can sit outside there and drink your
Im Hof
The Heinzelmännchen Legend In a famous tale connected with the city of Cologne, Germany are Heinzelmännchen a kind of house gnomes, which did all the work of the citizens of Cologne at...
The Heinzelmännchen Legend
Dom Hotel The architectural style of Dom Hotel in Cologne, Germany is Classicism, while the tower of the Cathedral in direct neighbourhood is a Gothic church.
Dom Hotel
Cologne Cathedral The Cathedral in Cologne, Germany is one of the most impressive buildings in the world. Directly in the neigbourhood is one of the first grand hotels in Europe...
Cologne Cathedral
Romano-Germanic Museum A large collection of Roman artifacts are shown in the Romano-Germanic Museum in Collogne, Germany. The city was founded by the Romans in the 1st century AD....
Romano-Germanic Museum
Southern Portal of Cologne Cathedral The southern portal of the Cathedral at Cologne, Germany as three entrances: To the left is the portal of St. Ursula, in the middle the passion portal and to...
Southern Portal of Cologne Cathedral
Modern Office Building in Cologne Red and blue colors are dominating this contemporay architecture of an office building in Cologne, Germany.
Modern Office Building in Cologne
Helenenturm (Roman Watchtower at Cologne) Helenenturm is a watchtower which is part of the ancient roman city walls of Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium (the latin name of Cologne, Germany)
Helenenturm (Roman Watchtower at Cologne)
The chick An unknown artist has done this beautiful and funny graffiti on a junction box in the city of Cologne. It shows a hatching chick.
The chick
Kranhaus, Cologne Kranhaus is German and means crane house. This buildings are build at the old cargo habor of Cologne. Their shape is an reminiscent of the harbor cranes that...
Kranhaus, Cologne


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