June 09 2014 - November 05 2017

My very best architecture-photos
  • Gloriette
    The Gloriette in the parks of Schoenbrunn palace was used by the emperors as a dining hall and for brekfast. Also for festivals it was used.
  • Kranhaus, Cologne
    Kranhaus is German and means crane house. This buildings are build at the old cargo habor of Cologne. Their shape is an reminiscent of the harbor cranes that…
  • Statue of a saint in sun shine
    The sun is shining at a statue of a saint within the Cologne cathedral. The cathedral with its official name „High Cathedral of Saint Peter" is one of the most…
  • Cologne Cathedral at night
    The illuminated Cathedral of Cologne is very impressive. The church was first building in the world with floodlight (October, 15th 1880). The just invented…
  • Illuminated Hohenzollern Bridge with Cathedral
    The view over the river Rhine with the Hohenzollern Bridge and the Cathedral at night is one of the most impressive views in Cologne, Germany
  • Golden Gate Bridge at Blue Hour
    It's worth to climb down the hill to Bakers Beach and take a look at the Golden Gate Bridge.