März 13 2014 - Dezember 31 2016

My very best animal-photos
  • Tiger Longwing (Heliconius hecale)
    This on a leaf sitting butterfly has several names:Tiger Longwing, Golden Longwing, Hecale Longwing or Golden Heliconian (Heliconius hecale) . It is a…
  • Rocky Racoon
    This little guy was first fleeing up on a tree in the forest, but was then very curiously observing me from his save place.
  • Glasswinged butterfly (Greta oto)
    Glasswinged butterfly (Greta oto) is resting on a leaf. When a glasswinged butterfly is flying, it is for predators almost invisible. The wings are transparent,…
  • Northern Gannet
    CloseUp of a Northern Gannet, which is a seabird living on both sides of the north Atlantic. Adults become up to 110cm (43in) long an can weight up to 3.6kg…
  • Vicungna in Backlight
    Backlight is showing up the impressive dense fur of an Vicungna. They need this, because they are living an an cold environment: It lives in heights fom 3500 to…
  • Egg-laying Zebra Longwing (Heliconius charithonia)
    A Zebra Longwing (Heliconius charithonia) is laying eggs at a plant with nice leaves for the future caterpillars.